Anyone heard the new Halcro Class D?


Just read a blurb on the new Halcro Class D amps. They are being pitched as home theater amps, but they have a 2 channel version. The site says that it's the first class D to measure really well.

Just wondering if anyone had heard it and knows if it would be suitable for a 2 channel system. I wonder if it's better than the ICE powered amps out there.

My nearest dealer is a few hundred miles from me so I have no hope of hearing it.

Haven't hear the Halcro, but this may be of interest:

class D specs
Neat link. But 10% THD is not going to cut it for me. I think a couple of Dixie cups with a five nines cotton string could beat that. ;-)
i've heard 'em and wouldn't recommend buying for your intended purpose, EVER, without a listen. 1000 miles is worth months of pain and regret.
A new tiny 3-lb switching amplifier is stirring Audiocircle right now.