Anyone heard the new H. Tech. CyberLight P2A?

Just read the review @ Positive Feedback, and if accurate, these just might be the new mother of all cables.

The design seems to indicate a genuine design breakthrough.

Are they that good?
I've been listening to them in my system for two days, with the additional lead plugged into a battery power source. Honestly, I prefer the sound of my Z-Squared Au/Au IC's more. They are more lively, and the music has a greater palpability to it. I'll keep listening to see if my opinion changes. The friend who loaned them to me is changing his entire system over to the Cyberlight's, as he loves them, having never heard anything better he says. And he's tried literally everything in his system, from $200-$4000 IC's, PC's, and speaker cables, as well as commensurate associated components.
I should mention that I've also been listening to the Aural Thrills active Beryllium IC's, and actually prefer them to the Cyberlights in our system. Better imaging, more body and intimacy with the music.

The more I listen, the more I'm convinced that it's all about synergy. Synergy between the components, synergy between the cables and the components, and most importantly the synergy between the music and your ears.
Just my 2 cents. If only these cables were priced so affordably as well.
I have a pair of the waves in my system (CD player to integrated) while charging up the battery supply I used them with the supplied wall wart. It took me only a few notes to realize these cables were something special. They are the most neutral cables I have had the pleasure of having in my system. The soundstage was deep, tall and wide as though the walls of the room could no longer restrain the sound. They were faster then my Valhalla cables, and more musical. The bass was extended lower and more accurate then my FIM Gold's cables. Each note, vocal and passage had more air around them, and hung in space a bit longer.

With a fully charged battery you just get more of these good things.

If I can borrow a couple quote’s from another Audiogon member, simon74 from another thread here on Audiogon

A really neutral cable should surely be universal - that's the whole point of it being neutral - it lets you hear how good or bad your system is!

The whole point of the cyberlights is that the same laws of physics that apply to any wire be it twisted, frozen, braided or whatever, don't apply to fiber.
I think we all spent too long tuning our systems with cables
And if we had really neutral ones, we might actually spend the money sensibly on better components.

I think Simon74 nailed it