Anyone heard the new Edge Amps?

Does anyone have an opinion on the new Edge Amps?
They are very good
...wasn't impressed with previous models. they were even more agressive than Krell.
i heard the $30K Edge monoblocks at CES and was mighty impressed. they rivaled the Halcro as my favorite solid state amp and would probably be the ss amp i would buy for ease and musicality.

i do prefer the Tenor OTLs that i have but the Edge made beautiful music; piano, violin and vocals sounded real and natural to a degree i have not heard on solid state previously. i am not enamored with the case-work or the fact they are not balanced.....but they delivered the sonic goods.

i did not hear the less expensive Edge amps so i can't comment on those.
the best I have ever heard...they smoke Krell and levinson.If you hear's something else in the system.