Anyone heard the new Counting Crows CD?

Just wondering if anyone has heard the new Counting Crows CD. I loved "August and Everything After." I thought they went a bit downhill from there. Just wondering if they've turned it around this time.
I happen to be a big fan... the best discs out there are
live from storytellers.. and the other live across a wire disc... but the new hard candy cd is a 6 out of 10...
they are turning it around a little. A lot of rock type tunes.. which I am not terribly fond of.. I always liked the slower more instrumental darker tunes. It is worth a listen if you are a fan. There are a few good ones on the album.. Enjoy,
i agree with audioman, its just ok,they need to change the order of the songs,the better songs are too deep into the listening order & there slower songs are there best