Anyone heard the new clearaudio MC cartridges?

like the goldfinger, strad etc. wondering what they sound like compared to the older clearaudio's.
there's a huge difference from their previous cartridges. gone are the edgy highs and anemic mids and bass. the new series have better extension in the upper frequencies, full bodied mid and bass. the dynamics is still the same from the previous series.
btw, i used to have the victory and also have heard the goldfinger and harmony in several occasions from friends' systems.
What do you have now?. Yea I have heard the old clearaudio and liked the dynamics, but not much else, especially the brightness/edginess.
Sounds like they are a great step forward.
i have the strad in my graham 2.2 on a clearaudio magnum table and the concerto on my technics 1200mk2. i use xlo signature2 phono cable on both tables.