Anyone heard the new Cary SA-500.1 Monoblocks?

Stereophile from CES 2011 said,
The SA-500.1 sounded warm, open, coherent and dynamic playing high-resolution files courtesy of David Chesky and HDTracks.
Cary's white paper indicates the 500.1's maintain the "Cary Sound" (similar characteristics to their tubed designs) with a host of design improvements "over our previous efforts" (the 500MB?) including substantial power supply improvements; current-handling capacity; improved bass performance; reduced noise floor; improved imaging, staging, depth, and dimensionality; a more "lifelike and palpable" midrange; and improved transparancy. One specific change is apparently eliminating the former large capacitors (that "suffer from problems including (ESR) Equivalent Series Resistance), using multiple smaller capacitors (like McCormack DNA?) and "adding bypass capacitors at the output devices." The amps also apparently feature improved reliability and a "modular design" that would allow easy field repairs.

These are apparently a significantly different (better?) amp from the former model 500MB monos that I owned and enjoyed.

I am interested in hearing from anyone who has actually heard and seen them.
Bump for this. How about the little brother, the Cary SA-200.2 solid state amp?

Been out since January and not a word about how it sounds from anywhere.
At Audio Connection
We have Cary SA 200.2 running the Vandersteen 3A Sigs
the new CD 500 and SLP 03 with Kimber 12 TC
I like the way the amp is driving the system and all who have heard it have commented great amp.
Best Johnnyr

Thanks Audioconnection. Have you tried the Cary SLP 05 in front of the SA 200.2 yet? From what I understand it is quite a step up from the SLP 03.
I'm on my second week with a pair that replaced a Bryston 14BSST2. I find that they have noticeably better bass control, bass detail and significantly greater dynamics.

My system:

Apple Mac > W4S Dac2 and VPI Classic with DV 20XL2>Sutherland 20/20
Cary SA-500.1 monos
Selah Audio Visionario speakers
Transparent Super cables
Stan, I looked very hard at the 500.1's and ultimately decided to upgrade my Clayton's instead. I might have been swayed if there had been more information out there about the 500.1's but they are quite new. I understand there may be a pair currently in for review by a major publication so maybe we will hear more about them in the future. You mentioned significant improvements in bass and dynamics over your former Bryston amps, but how about mids and high frequencies, or is it too early to tell?
I recently received a recommendation to use Cary SA-500.1s with my Mag 3.7s.

I was hoping to get a couple "second opinions", as It just seems I never hear of Cary PwrAmps being used with Magnepan.

I can't seem to find any reviews of the SA-500.1s, or for that matter much information at all due I guess to their being quite new. (other than the Cary web site)

Comments and suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
Since my June post, I have received my upgraded Clayton M300 amps and they are outstanding. Totally quiet, they improve on the earlier version in dynamics, bass depth and slam, and dimensionality, none of which were weaknesses with the original version - just that the new version is better. I believe the improvements are mainly in power supply and even larger/better transformers. Of course, the Clayton's are run fully in Class A bias, which means even with their low/high bias switch, it is best not to leave them on all the time. A blessing and a curse, the Class A issue is one reason I seriously considered the Cary amps, and ultimately the reason I stayed with the Clayton's - they just sound so darn good.

Regarding the Cary SA-500.1's, I will post some links that I was able to find, but nothing except the Moon Audio link is new since June when I last looked. Cary did tell me they were sending a pair in for review by a major audiophile magazine, so be on the lookout for an upcoming review. Here are a few links I found in addition to what's on the Cary site:
Thanks Mitch2, I'll keep my eyes open for further developments... 'just took a peek at Clayton, very nice.

I've been trying for a couple months now to even get down to a short list of amps to consider, the list keeps getting bigger not shorter.

I'm hoping to have this be my last amp-buy for several years, which I guess adds to the stress of not making the wrong decision.

I'm pretty sure I'll be able to bring the SA500.1s home for a few days...which will help. I've had zero luck over the years trying to judge PAmps rooms I'm not at all familiar with.
I just got a pair of 500.1s. Currently they are doing a bit of burning in. At this very moment playing Rudiger from Golden Heart, but I'm not listening. :)

Early indications are that they would be right at home in between the CJET5 and Maggy3.7s

thanks to John Rutan for getting them for me.

I'm anxious to have a good listen... soon now
Bump for update from Rayooo on how the 500.1s sound especially relative to driving the 3.7s, and any comments on soundstage/imaging?

In my opinion, SA500.1s better my Primare A32 in most every respect. The Carys are more detailed, deeper bass (I have never heard the 3.7s go deeper) and overall a much more up-front presentation, whereas the Primare is definitely a bit recessed.

The Carys run very cool, probably the "greenest" power amps I've ever seen.

Overall sound stage is similar to the Primare, with the key being you are sitting a bit closer with the Carys. Overall width and depth I felt are similar..'probably would require a "golden ear" to discern further differences.

The Carys increased increased detail (again compared to the Primare) fortunately does NOT at all come with any harshness. I could have in all likelihood pulled the trigger on the Carys and lived happily ever after.

Then on a whim I figured I'd give the Parasound JC-1s a listen. Figuring no way I'd prefer them. Well, all I can say is that that high-bias at low listening levels is amazing. I've never heard greater "inner detail", ever!
'hope that's the correct term!

The downside of the JC-1s is of course the heat output. far far greater than the Carys.

So, I'm still sitting on the fence a bit. Trying to decide between a brand new design that sounds absolutely great, compared to a 10ish year old design, that throws heat, but can sound absolutely magical within that "Class A" range.

Decisions Decisions. At this point if I was pushed to make a decision immediately, I'd probably go with the JC1s. but I'm deferring any final decision for a couple more weeks.