Anyone heard the MXA60??

Has anyone heard the MXA60. How good it it form an audio and not lifestyle standpoint. How good are the speakers as mcintosh is not know for them. Not many reviews out there on this product.
Heard one a few years ago when it first came out. It sounded very good, however it was connected to B&W bookshelf speakers at the time. Don't know why that was. If space is a concern and your wallet can bare the it, worth consideration for the sound alone. Would like the AM/FM section to have HD radio incorporated as well. Should look at their McAire as well.

On the subject of McIntosh speakers, I used to think they would not be very good, despite never having heard them. Just my thinking no company could make great amps and speakers. Upon hearing their new XR50 changed my thinking. Mc makes great gear in every category.