Anyone heard the MIT Oracle-Z Cord III power cord?

I see this listed both ways, as the Oracle III or the Z Cord III power cable. I have a Z Center and this is supposed to be THE cord to use instead of the Z Cord II. Has anyone tried these?

Yes, I have.
Although it is much better than the ZII (just about anything is) MIT's strengths are not in the power cable field. I love thier Speaker cables and interconnects
but for power cords I would look elsewhere. (and I did)
The Z Center is old technology and strangles the music.
There are much better options today. PS Audio power plants, Audio Magic Stealth, Shunyata Hydra, .....and many more.
Good Luck


Yes I owned a Z Center once too.
Actually Vader, the Z Cord II is a good cord IMO. I use one off and on with a classe amp and it is an improvement over stock. It also beat out BMI EEL and SRMC in my system. Relaxes the sound and improves imaging.
I've decided on the ZIIs. MIT still recommends them with the Z Center for digital gear. I heard several more expensive cables (not the ZIIIs) and I did not like the upper mid brightness. The ZIIs were more detailed and space defining than the original cords, but retained a very musical richness and smoothness throughout. My gear: Wadia 270se and 27, ARC 150 amps and Thiel 5i speakers.