Anyone heard the MIT Oracle V2.2 spkr cbl upgrade?

I posted this in an earlier forum where we were discussing the new Wilson Watt Puppy 8’s as I was thinking about upgrading my Watt 5.1’s to the 8’s. If I am going to do that I was also thinking about upgrading my speaker cables from V2.1 to the new V2.2’s. Though MIT is very helpful over the phone, I would like to see if anyone may have some insight to this, it would be most appreciated.
Just a note on the AC 2 PC. I was at the recording sssion for the Ondine SACD release of the Philadelphia Symphony Orchestras live recording of Bartok's Concerto For Orchestra...with the new MIT AC2 powering my amplification and a ZIII on my SACD standard, I am sitting back in my 5th row center seats at the kimmel center in Philly!
Wondering if still good to get a pair of Oracle V2.2 speaker cable? Will the dot 2 better then the 1.1? 
I would get the REV60’s from Joe Abrams at Equus Audio...they are in that same league and come with a lifetime warranty.