Anyone heard the Meadowlark Blue Herons ?

I have been researching speakers under $9K (or thereabouts) and the Meadowlark Blue Herons stand out as a possible contender. I have not heard them, and I realize the proof is in the listening, but I am curious if there are A'goners out there who have heard them and compared them to the best out there. Why isn't there more hype about them ? Are there any Blue Heron owners in the SF Bay Area ? I would like to audition these in a home setting. Thanks for your replies.
I had a pair of Blue Herons until I lost my job earlier this year and was forced to sell them. They were the best high-end speaker I'd owned. As with any speaker, how they sound depends upon the upstream gear and the room. Given that caveat, I loved them. The gas-piezo tweeter is world-class. However to get good bass (which they *will* do) be prepared to put some watts to them. I play rock, and found that a 150 watt Rowland Model 10 would not get the woofers going to my liking. A friend brought over a Sunfire Signature amp that produced some of the best bass I've heard from any speaker. The Blue Herons apparently are built to be bi-amped - the mid and tweet have their own binding posts that say "8 ohm" and the woofer's binding posts say "4 ohm". There are no links for single wiring, so draw your own conclusions. With appropriate amplification, probably solid state (bet a BAT VK-6200 kicks ass) they are fantastic.
I have the Blue Heron's...used to have Heron-i.

These speakers are fabulous from top to bottom! They sound better than other brands that cost 2-3 times as much. They are a killer value.

I have no problems w/bass, though I am using 350 watt mono amps.

I too push primarily rock and some jazz music through mine.
Thanks for your responses. I have an ARC VT100 Mk II tube amp, 100 wpc. Do you think this will drive them adequately ?
My only tube experience is with pre amps, not power amps...personally, I would think you would be better off with the solid state equivalent of 250w/ch.
I second the motion for more power.
I have had all of the Meadowlarks including the new Blue Heron 2's that are on the way. Is Placerville close enough for you?
I've own a pair of the original design bought used for $4900 (recently saw a pair offered for $4200-a steal!!!), with the following observations:

Imaging and coherence are nothing short of amazing. I have a 21'w x 31' deep basement listening room and get a huge sound soundstage with no loss of center fill placing the BHs 14' apart, listening at the third point of an equilateral triangle. A bit forward sounding, but not harsh, with my ss preamp (Musical Design SP-3 prototype) and hybrid amps (Blue Circle BC-28 x 2 in vertically biamped config). This has become less noticeable with an Audio Note DAC 4.1x Signature (still breaking in at <100 hours). I have a very live room, though, and room treatment (my next project) may soon make this a non-issue for me. Your tube amplification should be quite compatible. I also found that changing speaker cables made a difference (FWIW, I now use 4' runs of Stealth Ultimate Ribbons x 2, to good effect). Not the last word in lower-mid and bass impact, especially in my large room. The gas piezo tweeter lives up to its hype-for the first time I could hear true timbral overtones in the trumpet playing of Miles (I've always found the trumpet a most challenging instrument for hi-fi reproduction. In a way it's my acid test for tweeters...). All this said, I am VERY happy with the Blue Herons and would not think of replacing them in the system I now have.