Anyone Heard the McCormack UDP-1?

Has anyone had a chance to listen to the McCormack UDP-1?
Even better does anyone own one? How is it? Has anyone seen any reviews posted?
I am very happy with the sound of mine with sacd and redbook.Have not yet listened in dvd-a.Unit is not yet burned in and already sounds great.Check out 6 moons review!!!
I too think it sounds great on redbook and SACD. I haven't read the Stereophile review. but it was apparently a bit negative. here is a review that is not negative

I am not much of a videophile so the picture on DVD's looks fine to me as well. But i think the videoside is the weakest link for the UDP-1. They can be had used here on agon for $2200 - $2500. A pretty good buy, considering all you get in one box. It's probably worth it just for the Audio side with redbook and SACD. IMHO.