Anyone Heard the McCormack UDP-1?

Has anyone had a chance to listen to the McCormack UDP-1?
Even better does anyone own one? How is it? Has anyone seen any reviews posted?
There's a review by kr4 in Stereophile.
I am very happy with the sound of mine with sacd and redbook.Have not yet listened in dvd-a.Unit is not yet burned in and already sounds great.Check out 6 moons review!!!
I too think it sounds great on redbook and SACD. I haven't read the Stereophile review. but it was apparently a bit negative. here is a review that is not negative

I am not much of a videophile so the picture on DVD's looks fine to me as well. But i think the videoside is the weakest link for the UDP-1. They can be had used here on agon for $2200 - $2500. A pretty good buy, considering all you get in one box. It's probably worth it just for the Audio side with redbook and SACD. IMHO.

Copy and paste this in the search window, should offer some insight.

"Need your thoughts on Denon 3910 vs McCormack UDP1"
Forgot to mention that my above suggestion is in the discussion forums, not in the product reviews.
for the $ the McCormack UDP-1 is really quite special. for redbook and dvd-a, it is simply incredible. i was able to a/b the UDP-1 with a number of dedicated DACs as well as the Esoteric DV-50. i don't have enough software on SACD to be able to properly evaluate SACD performance. peter moncrief wrote a fantastic and thorough review on it...
Is no one bothered by the test results in Stereophile which show that the MCcormick is not capable of hi-rez decoding? I guess it would not be a problem on the many discs, both DVD-A and SACD which don't contain hi-rez info anyway!
I for two, am very bothered by the test results that John Atkinson got on the UDP-1. I brought it up in a previous thread, but cannot remember which one.
"Is no one bothered by the test results in Stereophile which show that the MCcormick is not capable of hi-rez decoding?"

no, not really. i've always been more interested in how a piece of gear sounds than measures since measurements won't tell how the piece really sounds. and i place more importance on how it handles redbook since most of my software is on CD anyways.
I've got to say. I haven't read the review in stereophile. I'm glad I haven't. I've read at least 3 amazingly glowing reviews, and I have to agree with what I've read. The UDP-1 SOUNDS great on redbook, AND SACD in my system. I have no Idea how it MEASURES in my system. ;-)