Anyone heard the Martin Logan 60xt's

Wondering if anyone has heard the Martin Logan 60xt's and if so, thoughts. 

Ability to rock when needed

I have a Mcintosh 402 amp for power and a Mc2200 tube preamp for the head. Let me know what you think. Thanks
No but I had a chance to demo the Motion 15 & 35XT’s for about an hour.The sales guy even let me tweak the setup to get a good feel for them.
Gotta say I was pretty impressed & am fairly certain the 35XT’s will be the defacto replacements for my now gone,beloved Toy Towers.They had a wonderful,rich midrange & sweet,detailed but never harsh treble along with pretty good Image & SS,even though they were driven by a big Marantz receiver.I suspect with tubes driving them thay would open up even more.