Anyone heard the Marantz Reference integrateds?

Hi, has anyone had a chance to listen to the Marantz "Reference" integrateds (PM11S1 Reference is the model I believe). Just wondering how this stacks up against the best integrateds, and how one might describe the sound (i.e., bright, warm, neutral, etc.).

thanks for any info!
I own the PM11S1. I am English and am currently living in Vietnam where I picked up this unit brand new for 2000 USD!! (It's 5000 dollars in the UK !!!!?). For this money it's a superb piece. (Japanese brands are way cheaper here). Build quality is superb(apart from an oddly flimsy lid) and the features are good (binding posts etc) and it looks great too. Sound is very detailed, smooth, even handed and much like a valve amp. Never fatiguing and most importantly it makes music. I leave it playing for hours. My only criticism is slight lack of drive for bass driven music. It's not the ultimate for dance or rock fans. The real reason I bought it was for it's remarkable MC phono stage which is great for me. Why do high end amps always focus on MM stages?? I see this amp gets completely overlooked on this site which is a little harsh. Ultimately though it's the right product but the wrong brand and the wrong price. In europe a good analogy is french auto brands attempting high end cars to match the germans which bomb completely even though they are frequently excellent. If you have 2 identical cars which will you choose, BMW or Renault? It's a 2 second decision. In the UK you can go and buy a Primare 130 or Musical fidelity A5 for 1000 pounds (2000 dollars)less!!! The primare matches it (but no phono) and the A5 has a little more clout and bass weight. In the US you can buy an MA6900 for the same price or Krell Kav400 and a multitude of others for less. The Bryston B100 will probably come in at a similar price. This has basically shot this product in the foot. If it were 3500 dollars or less in the states they'd be in business. If you love it or see it cheap buy it. It won't disapoint, or let you down. For 4500 have a think and maybe yourself a Bryston or something else with more low end control and better resell value. It deserves better though. All in all a very fine product