Anyone heard the Luxman LX-380 tube integrated amp

Have you heard this amp. How do you like the sound and compare it to Luxman's SS or Accuphase or other well known integrateds.
Am looking for a tube integrated for my Devore O/96 budget under 15K new.
Not quite what you're asking about, but Art Dudley wrote an interesting review in September's Stereophile mag about the Luxman MQ-88uSE tube amp. His speakers were DeVore O/93's.  He liked it a lot.
I recently purchased the LX-380 and love it! All of my 2 channel listening had been through my Anthem MRX-1120 prior to taking ownership of the Luxman. Initially, I was leaning towards a Luxman SS integrated but my dealer recommended the tube based system in the LX-380. I can’t say I auditioned either the SS or tubed options so I trusted my guy and have been so impressed with the sound. It is so smooth with lots of energy. Clarity is amazing, excellent detail and awesome low end. I would highly recommend this unit!!

Finally! A real world user of this amp. I have read four stellar reviews of this amp, but couldn't find a single actual user to validate their opinions.

What speakers do you run this amp with? You use digital or analog source?
I am running Paradigm Prestige 95F. Extremely efficient so a great combo and the sound quality mates extremely well. I can listen for hours in bliss. My vinyl has never sounded better. I recently added a Bluesound Node 2i to the mix for digital steaming and very pleasing. Even driving my 95F’s in bypass mode is better than the Anthem. Very pleased overall!!
Really good to hear.

Didn't seem like you did any comparisons. But I wonder how it would sound compared to the SS integrated, Luxman 590AXii.

Also, thanks for your impressions. Very happy to hear your validations on this well-reviewed amp.