Anyone heard the Kaiser Kawero's?

My friend is trying to compare the Wilson Max 3's to the Kaiser's. He heard the Wilson's and has been told to hear the Kaiser's, apparently about the same price.
Anyone hear the Kaisers? Opinions.
I have not heard the Kaiser but your question made me take a look at their web site.

If no one at Audiogon has input you can email the factory for the dealers. Even if there is no one local, the cost to (fly) to have a listen is small compared to the price of Wilson Maxx 3 or Kaiser.

Good luck.
Not yet but a friend of mine is a dealer. Contact Rick Brown of HiFI One in Carlsbad, California.
I heard them at RMAF 2 years ago. Unfortunately they were in a echo chamber of a room. It had the worst echo I have ever heard in a audition. I would love to hear them under different circumstances.

They look like they need a lot of space behind them. There are 2 large woofers on the back. At RMAF 2008 they were in a very large room and a good 20 ft from the back wall. I just took a look at their website and it looks like the speakers in the picture look like they are at least 6 or 7 ft from the back wall. If your friend can accomodate that then I think they are worth a listen.

Hi Sean, my friend has a smallish room...appx 15ftX12ft with a vault ceiling. He tried the Max 3's in this room and IMHO they overwhelmed the room a little. I suggested a smaller speaker, which is why he is considering the Kaisers. BTW, my friend lives in S.Africa and it's not easy for him to travel. So, anyone else have any opinions on the Kaisers?
If your friend likes the Wilson sound I would recommend the Sophia's for that size room. He might get away with the Sasha too. If he wants deeper bass he could add a sub or two. Its easier to dial in the bass with a sub in that small of a room.

I don't think the Kaiser's will work in that room. Maybe someone has tried it and will chime in.

Like any speaker if the Kaiser's are setup properly, they're awesome. They are my favorite speaker!!!

Great company to deal with as well.
Dear all,

may I jump in the discussion?

Regarding the room size of the Kawero´s:
The work in a big ballroom like they did at RMAF 2008 in the Hyatt (and received Best sound of the show awards from many publications) and they work in a small room like in RMAF 2009 (where the also received a lot of Best sound of the show awards).
The design rationale of the Kawero speakers takes the room acoustics into account.
Please remember that Kaiser´s main business is professional room acoustics.
Therefore the room gain is considered in the design (Kaiser will propose a matching woofer for the customer, there are several solutions available depending on the customers room acoustic)
The main approach is to harmonize the direct sound field with the ambient sound field (sound power response).

The recommended listening space is from 18 square meters up to 200 square meters.
The recommended clearance behind the speakers is from 80 cm up.

But I will not go to deep into details, if your friend is willing to listen in our showroom, he is more than welcome.

Of course we will refund the traveling costs when he will decide to purchase a Kawero.

Best regards
Rainer Weber
Technical Director
Kaiser Acoustics

The Trinity Electronics and Echole cabling in our showroom is also worth to travel.
I've started talking to my wife about a pilgrimage to San Diego to visit Rick and hear his system. If that ever materializes I'll offer a comment. He tells me he's being deluged by requests for reviewer visits.
I heard the Kaiser speakers at RMAF a few years ago. One of my favorite rooms. Love that RAAL ribbon tweeter and the modified 845 amps. I forget what they were. Excellent. Highly recommended. I own Maxx 2s but would consider between the 2 all being equal. There is something about Ribbons & tubes that blows me away.