Anyone heard the Gryphon Adagio?

Anyone heard this CD Player?

I have been favorably impressed with the Gryphon amps and am wondering about the CD players. Any comments are appreciated. Thanks in advance.
i heard the adagio recently with ARC REF 2/Hovland HP 100, Pathos In-Control/Mark Levinson 334, driving a pair of Sonus faber guarneris . The Adagio has a warm and laid back sound with plenty of detail. but i prefer the ARC CD 3 which is analogue-sounding.The ARC's midrange is particularly well-presented but its bass is not as good as the Mark Levinson 390s, though.

hope this helps.
Heard it briefly at a show in Stockholm this winter,with
Gryphon Antileon Signature amplification and Matin Logan
Prodigy speakers. I believe that it´s a very good product,
I really liked what I heard (one of the best at the show), but the system played rather calm music, so I can´t say how it handles other sorts of music.