Anyone heard the ELP Laser Turntable?

My B&O 4002 turntable has a grounding problem. I was looking around for new turntables and found the laser turntable concept to be interesting. I have searched several forums and found most posts were from those that had never heard it. I also located one review but the write-up didn't sound genuine. From the two that I found who had heard it (one now a owner) say they like it. (They have only sold slightly over 1000 units). Anyway I am interested in anyones first hand experience. Thanks, Rick
There was a review (or article) in Stereophile or T.A.S. that liked the unit but had two cautions: 1) There is no remote control...a totally stupid lack of convenience since this design would allow for the easy adaptation of a remote! 2) The unit is EXTREMELY susceptible to picking up noise from dust...much more so than a conventional table. Also, if this was such a cutting edge technology, why haven't major manufacturers jumped on the band wagon? Caveat emptor!
I saw the review. It was touted as the best possible turntable but there were several parts of the article that seamed less than genuine and certainly not objective. That said the people that have one seam to love it and they paid the high price. The dust is an issue (It also does not play colored vinyl) but those who have attended demos and heard it first hand say that a cleaning easily takes care of the dust. The major manufactures didn't think they could sell enough copies to pay for price of buying the patent rights. Mr. Chiba did so he left his CEO position, bought the rights and started a small company and has been producing them ever since.
Wow, I sound like an ad. Anyway the purpose of my post was to see if their are any owners of the TT on this board that might offer more first hand opinions (most of his sales have been in Japan). I've only located 2 North American owners and both recommend buying but I figured I would try to get a larger sample set. Have fun, Rick