Anyone heard the Don Sachs Custom Tube Phono Stage?

I have Don's Line stage now for just a coupe of weeks and it sounds absolutely wonderful. I like it so much that I am considering trying his phono stage. Just wondering if any of you more learned audiophiles have had a chance to hear it and what you think of it and how it compares to well regarded phono stages.
Appreciate any input I can get from the community.
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No one really?  I guess it is one of Don's newer offerings...
Would love to hear from the few who have experience with the phono pre.
I have 2 of them.  One I use at home with the Don Sachs line stage.  The other I use at audio shows to demo the Bob's Devices Step up transformers.  I have used many phono stages in the past and like this one a lot.  I also currently have a Hagerman Trumpet which, in my opinion, equals the sound from the D. Sachs Phono stage. I have tube rolled both of them with Amperex Bugle Boys on the input tubes.  I am very happy with the sound from the D.Sachs Phono stage.  I have had Don change the gain switches on the phono stage to include a 100k setting to use with cartridges that have a high internal impedance and low output with a SUT.
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Appreciate the input Bob. I currently am using a Bugle 3 from Jim H that I do enjoy. I am sure the sound will only improve when I am ready to move up. Looks like Jim H has 2 Trumpet models both a significant jump in price over the D Sachs. Which Trumpet do you use?
Thanks again!
Bob, not to hijack my thread, but what tubes do you use with the D Sachs line stage?