Anyone heard the difference between Cullen Crossover and his new Crossover II?

I'm considering upgrading the stock power for my PS Audio P15 regenerator. Already have a 10 gage dedicated circuit. The standard crossover PC seems like it would be fine for the amps, but wondering what I would gain by going to the Crossover II between the wall and regenerator. 

Also considering the Morrow MAP4 for the main input. 
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I recently purchased a 6' Cullen Crossover II for my preamplifier. Did not compare it directly with the original one. But I like the change it made compared to the stock cord that came with the preamp. The cable is substantially heavier than what it looks, as posted on Cullen's website.I have no experience with Morrow cables.

Thanks for the feedback, glad to hear you found a win with the cord on your preamp
While I have not compared the Crossover with the Crossover ll; I do have two Cossover lls in my system. One on my power conditioner and one on my amp.

I'm very happy with their performance. I thought I would try them and then see where I would go from there. They've worked so well that they are an end-game for me.

The Crossover ll uses the rhodium plated carbon fiber/stainless plug. I've found in my system those plugs are refined, neutral, with great tone/timbre and detail. If you go for the Crossover I would have Patrick put the rhodium/carbon fiber plugs on it.

Cullen make fantastic cables. I moved to all Cullen Cables in my system about a year ago and have been completely satisfied. 

Give ve them a try. I think you'll be very pleased.