Anyone heard the Belles Power Modules 250i hybrid?

I see that Dave Belles made a hybrid integrated amp a couple of years ago and has discontinued it from his line. Has anyone owned or demoed one of these?
I know that Dave makes a good amp, but what happened to this one? Thanks for your help. It sounds on paper like what I am looking for, but I would like to hear from someone that has seen one.
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I had one for a year or so and really liked it. It has a seperate power supply. I sold it because i needed an amp for dual ht/music. My wife didn't like to wait for the tubes to warm up, and i flet bad "wasting" the tube life by watching tv. They are a steal for the used prices, but are hard to find. Good luck.
Thanks. Does the 250i have a real tube sound? I like the warmth and laid back sound of tubes but I don't have the space for separates anymore. This one looks like it might be just right for me. Do you know what they are bringing used? Thanks again.
I bought Streetdaddy's unit (hope all is well with you!). Came close to selling, glad I didn't. It has to my ears a great combination of the best of SS and tube. It has great midrange neutrality, with just a hint of bloom; a real winner with voice. I did some tube-rolling, and that can influence the sound one way or another, however you like.

$1500-$2000 used is a great deal; a steal as Streetdaddy says, especially at that lower price. I have been tempted to move back to separates, but ended up staying.

The one integrated I recommend above this is the Pathos Twin Towers. Used to own one of those as well, but had to sell because of child crawling in the house. I don't feel like I'm giving up too much with the Belles. In addition, it drives more speakers and costs less.

Hope that helps. FYI, I am driving Eminent Tech LFT-16 monitors with these, great combo for the music I listen to. Also drove Gallo Ref 3's in a great way, but they were too big for my 14' x 14' room.

Good luck,

Todd - chams_uk
Thanks Todd. That is what I wanted to hear. -Durr