Anyone heard the Bel Canto EOne REF1000's?

Was wondering how this latest model compares to past iterations from Bel Canto. Also if anyone has compared it to the NuForce 9's or Channel Island D200.
We own five Bel Canto amps: (2) REF1000s, an S300 and an eVo4. I have had an opportunity to compare the monoblock REF1000s against the bridged eVo4 using an Integra DTC-9.4 and Revel Performa F-50s. The Revels are 5 ohm speakers. Also, in case you are one of those people who cannot believe any good music has been composed by anyone still alive, let alone dead for only a century, we listen to rock, alternative and jazz.

The eVo4 biamped replaced a pair the ancient Adcom triple nickels. That difference was remarkable and significant. The eVo4 sounded as if it removed thick down comforters previously covering the front of the speakers. The soundstage expanded in a manner greater than the difference between an mp3 file vs. a WAVE file. The eVo4's bass control – as well as the overall slam of the speakers – increased materially. The increase in the detail of the music was so substantial that we heard new instruments in recordings we had listened to repeatedly in the past: “Yes, that is a harp; didn’t know that before.” I had no idea previously that the Revel speakers really are remarkable.

After burning the REF1000s in for three days, I did not directly compare them to the eVo4, as in an A/B comparison. Also, somewhere in this process, I switched from PS Audio speaker cables to Nordost Blue Angels when I changed from biamping to biwiring. I, however, did listen to the eVo4 bridged and biwired for a few days.

The difference between the eVo4 bridged and the REF1000s was discernable, but not as appreciable a difference as moving from solid state to digital. First, I noticed an increase in the amps’ control of the bass in the music due apparently to an increase in damping factor. The best way to express it is that the bass notes are more musical. Second, there seems to be a minor increase in the clarity of the details of the music but this is in the realm of going from extraordinarily clear to crystal clear. Third, the soundstage seems to have expanded beyond the boundaries of the speakers.

It would be easy to exaggerate the differences between these two amps in an effort to rationalize the cost difference, an attractive temptation. The differences are subtle yet noticeable, at some location way up the continuum of diminishing returns, making the price differential between a slightly used eVo4 and a new set of REF1000s debatable. I can tell you this: I am completely satisfied with the REF1000s; the amplifier upgrade bug has been squashed.

I have only one criticism of the new Bel Canto eOne products. The front face plate’s edges are too sharp and not as well machined as the eVo amp.

I cannot comment on the other ICEpower amps you mention, other than to say I like the balanced inputs on the Bel Canto products.
Anyone have any comments on the comparisons between the Bel Canto eVo series and the eOne series? And comparisons between Nuforce and Bel canto ?
I didn't have a chance to hear in my system the Ref1000, but I've heard other ICEpower amps and have owned the eVo 4 mk II for almost two years.

In my system and to my ears, the ICEpower amps are MUCH better than eVo 4. The highs are better resolved, soundstage MUCH deeper and midrange MUCH fuller (although still not up to SET standard).