anyone heard the BAT vkd5se 24 bit?

how this new version with 24 bit different from the
BAT d5se 20 bit?

Stereophile reviewed this in the march issue...a sidebar in the vk150se review...
never heard the 20 bit, but the 24--in a word--and I mean this technically--glorious! Rich, full, and liquid. Matbe the most musical player I've ever heard. If all the other stuff out there seems analytical and cold, then this is the baby for you. By the way--I don't mean it does do a superb job on detail. Very deep soundstage. I can't afford one and this truly sucks!
My friend owns a BAT VK5SE CDP and he has tried both 20 bit and 24 bit. He and others who have heard the difference favor the 20 bit. They claim the sound with 24 bit is thinner and less dynamic. His system is comprised of the BAT 75SE amp and BAT 50SE pre-amp.