Anyone heard the Audio Note AX2 signature?

I am looking for a mini-monitor, width dimension not to exceed 9", to place close to the wall, one in a corner, in a small office set-up, with high-end resolution and mid-range warmth at low volumes the criteria, to be driven by either a Bel Canto SEi40 or Jadis OR (40 WPC). I am considering Joseph, Silverline, Tyler and Merlin TSM and the Audio Note. While there is lots written about the first 4, I cant find any reviews on the Audio Note, so opinions are sought, please.
I have owned the K and J Audio Note speakers and auditioned the top of the line type E speakers extensively. I have little doubt that the performance of these speakers will be good based on my experience with their more expensive line. The real question is how do they compare to similarly priced speakers of similar size? Is the price commensurate with the performance?
That's exactly my question. They cost the same as GMA Europas and are Merlin TSMs significantly better for a little more money?
To my ear, Silverline's are very engaging, mate well with many different amps, and image surprisingly well even when close to the wall. Joseph's are a little drier, but authoritative. Haven't heard the Tyler's or the Merlin's. Audio Note monitors and full-range alike are perfect...and boring. Just my opinion, FWIW. According to my dogs, my opinion is worth about two feedings a day, thank you very little.
I just saw this old thread, but wanted to throw in that I heard them on the weekend. I actually wanted to hear a pair of the AN Es but the dealer only had the AX2 sigs in stock. He hooked them up to a AN Conqueror SET with 8wpc, AN M1 pre and Shanling CD3000. The sound coming from this little bookshelf was astounding! Incredibly open and detailed sound, and the bottom end was very impressive coming from a 5" woofer. I'm now looking forward to hearing the Es.