Anyone heard the Aronov LS9100 monoblocks?

Hi. I was considering an amp upgrade, and wanted to give a high-quality tube amp a try. I listen mostly to jazz and orchestra. On my short list is the Premier 11a from Conrad-Johnson and the BAT VK-60. I have seen several Aronov LS9100's come up recently, but I can't find much, if anything about these monoblocks. They seem to be well priced for their power (110wpc) but I was wondering what the sound was like? I will be trading up from a McCormack DNA-125 (a bit too grunty for my tastes-looking for something a bit smoother and more musical).

Has anyone heard the Aronov's? I am running Soliloquy 6.3 speakers and an Eastern Electric Minimax preamp. Hoping for at least some feedback on these amps-thanks!
feature about the amps, biasing of tubes is not required, it's automatic. I used them for the weekend and they sounded good with the 6.3, however I passed on the amps, mainly for economic and esthetic reasons. As you can see from prices on Audiogon they depreciate horribly, even the dealer dropped 25% from the list price. Also I didn't care for the looks of the amps, I prefer tube amps with the tubes exposed, this may not bother you.
How would you say that they compared sonically with some other tube amps in this price range (used)? Was the sound accurate with nice frequency extension, or was it overly tubey? I was thinking of paying around $1600 for a set of these Monos-a good value? Or, should I keep my eye on the BAT VK-60?
Chiho, The Aronov "house sound" is very natural, together with excellent extension, most uniqely impressive for tube amps is the bass extension, and control. On a variety of speakers, including Spendor monitors, Duntech monitors, Platinum Audio (gone, but not forgotten) monitors, Clements RT-7 floor-standing big boys (transmission line bass/ribbon tweeter), plus others, there is a realistic, and musical presentation which sounds as if the singer(s) or musician(s) visit the listening room.
I had to choose the more space-saving Aronov LS-960I, but my time with borrowed Aronov monoblocks was a great experience. By the way, the smaller integrated is terrific, although the monoblocks are more awe-inspiring.
Aronov is not "tubey", but you will hear the tube musicality without the transistor "grunt" you mention.
I borrowed these from a dealer some years ago to try and tame what were at that time my bright Maggies. They did tame them, very well. Ultimately they did not have enough power for peaks of classical music but with most other types they sounded almost heavenly.
Given my short time with them, one weekend, I did notice they put out loads of heat, which you probably know about already if you are looking at tube monoblocks. Also I did not exactly find them pretty and they dominated the space they were in visually.
If you can overcome or overlook these drawbacks I think they will do a fine job. I should mention that I also ended up purchasing the preamp and kept it for a couple of years. I ultimately got tired of dealing with the smooth dual mono knobs - a horrible thing to put up with, but of course that is not an issue with the monos.
You might want to check this out:

You don't need mono block power for your 6.3. The little brother LS-960I has more than enough power for them. You don't need pre amp either. I used run 30 watt tube amp with 6.3 without any problem. I currently own LS-960I in my 2nd system and I'm in complete agreement with the review. My primary system is built around high powered SET.
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Oh yea.. these are great amps but most likely more locomotive than you need to pull your little train.  
With a little work they can be cleaned up and will sound as good as what's next on your list as long as they are compared to any PP/tube design amp..  w/KT88s they sound even better.   pc