Anyone heard the Alsyvox Botticelli planar speakers?

Full range ribbon tweeter/midrange and push-pull planar magnetic bass driver.  22Hz to 40kHz. 94 dB efficient due to all neo magnets. 260 lbs per speaker.  Has garnered enthusiastic show reviews.  BTW, "only $87k".   Looks beautiful.

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Shkong78, are you sure about pricing? 60.9k Euro minus VAT is little over 50k Euro. 
Roberjerman, I get your sarcasm. The Carver ALS is a fantastic speaker and competes with the ultra expensive speakers over $100k I’ve heard. However, I’ve always been a die hard planar speaker fan, especially Apogee.  This is the Apogee speaker that Apogee should or would have built if it were still in business today.  On top of that, the aesthetics are far above any Apogee, imo.  I’ve read several reviews by people who attended audio shows displaying the Botticelli, and all have been totally enthralled by its sound.
Lalitk, I’m kicking myself for not attending RMAF this year. I was so close to going, but decided not to. I’ve yet to hear anything negative about this speaker, other than it’s price. The only planar speakers in this price range are the ML Neolith and Scaena, but both are hybrids and both have integration issues that are no go for me. The Neolith was a big disappointment.
Scorpio1951, I’m an apogee fan myself. I think Alsyvox may be at AXPONA next year so you won’t have to go to Europe.  Would love to visit Valencia, Spain. Seems like a beautiful place.