Anyone heard the Allman Brothers SACD hybrids?

"Eat a Peach", or "Live at the Fillmore." Is the sound better than previous releases? I've already got the original cd releases of both. I've been buying hybrids as, so far, the cd layer has been really good (compared to previous cd issues)and I'll have them if I buy a SACD player. Thanks
Filmore hasn't been released yet.
I bought Eat a Peach a few days ago. The guitars (on the studio songs) sound more natural and smooth while the concert stuff sounds more like ... well 70's concert recordings. I don't know how valuable this review is as I haven't A/B'd the CD vs. SACD. I also don't have much of a frame of reference since it has been many years since I owned the CD version of Eat a Peach. That said it does sound better than the same songs on their greatest hits CD I have (Melissa, Blue Sky, Ramblin' Man, etc.)