Anyone heard the Aerial Acoustics Model 9?

I heard the LR5 at an audio dealer's shop and loved it, but didn't want to pay $8000 for a speaker that's stand-mounted. I wasn't impressed with the Model 7s (they were lacking something in the lower end compared to the LR5), and the dealer didn't have the model 8s or 9s in stock.

The 9 looks to be a closer match than the 8 to the LR5. Does anyone have comments on the performance on the model 9?

I have the LR5's with a pair of SW-12 subwoofers for the bottom end, I cross them over at 80hz. I get great sound and can manage the bass nicley.

Sorry I haven't heard the 9's yet so no comment.
The model 9's are amazing; very very good speaker!