Anyone heard the AAD line of speaker?

Hi, Has anyone heard the AAD line of speakers? They are designed by Phil Jones, the designer for Soliloquy line. I own the AAD C-200i's, a 2 way monitor and like them alot, they seem to communicate the music better( more live sounding) than other box speakers in that price range. My other question is the top of the line C-800i's, has anyone owned or heard them? Thanks, Jerry
I've heard them and was not impressed. Though they are designed by the same guy, the Soliloquys sound a lot better. I have Soliloquy 6.5s and could not detect any family resemblance between the c800i and the 6.5. The c800i was very boxy, dull, and boomy sounding. All of the Sols I've ever heard tend to have a warm sound but they are never boxy - actually they are quite open sounding and create a large soundstage. For about the same money as the c800i's you can get a used set of Soliloquy 5.3s that sound really nice.
One thing I can tell you..there are NOT Platinums...
For home theater purposes only, I thought some of the AAD 5.1 combinations in the lower price range like the e series stuff sounded better than similarly priced products.
I listened to some of the AAD floorstanding speakers (can't remember the specific model) and thought they were very mushy and lacking in dynamics. Not impressive at all. There are clearly better options for that price range (PSB, Totem, Paradigm, etc).