Anyone heard Svetlana KT-88s?

I'm told they sound pretty good and are reasonable in price. I'm interested in them because Gold Lion or Mullard NOS are getting out of sight. Anyone heard Yugo KT-90s?
I am now using Svetlana KT 88 (4pcs.) for my Melos 11 ST 90 amplifier and it sounds better than my former GE 6550A and Svetlana 6550C tubes. You will not go wrong with Svetlana KT 88. Regards. Slore
They are a wonderful, well made, bullet proof tube. Care should be taken as with any power tube to make sure they are burned in prior to matching IF your amp neeeds matched tubes. They ahve a midrange that is a little "prettier" than the 6550C. They look great...nice bottle.
They are very good tubes but not perfect, perhaps the NOS Genelax KT88 are the best but the Sev kt88 have been in my system for about 1 month now and I very much enjoy them. They have a beautifull midrand and good overall balance. Greater clairity and sweetness than the Sev 6550C whicch are also very good, espically for the money. Right now I will keep my Sev kt88. John
Kevin, of Upscale Audio. I come to you, THE TUBE GURU, with a question. I am using KT90(the OEM supplied tube) in a Jadis Orchestra Reference integrated amplifier, with great results. Eventually, I will obviously need to retube. I contacted Jadis questioning them with a list of tubes I'd consider in the amp in the future(EL34/E34L/6CA7/6550/KT88). They responded they recommended all of them, EXCEPT the KT88. This was due to poor aging/life. I have NEVER heard of, or had this experience with this tube. If anything, they were VERY robust(more so than an EL34). In my follow up with them, they maintained their position. Can you please give me your impressions of their response? I would not expect this tube to have unacceptable life in the same amp which fares great with EL34/6CA7. Instructions state to bias to bias EL34 or KT90 tubes to the same specs(other tube types as well, upon clarification). But, you have quantum levels higher more experience in these issues than me. I may go to a more warm, sweet, and classic tube sound in the future(EL34/E34L), but am happy now. As KT90s have gotten real expensive in the past year(NATO bombing, I always hear), I am thinking my standard replacement would be the KT88(and get a bit more warmth/sweetness to boot). I am not the biggest fan of the 6550 sound. Any comments would be GREATLY appreciated! Thank you for your consideration.
Wow, finally some responses! Can someone comment on the bass of the Svetlana KT-88? I love the treble and midrange of my EL-34s but the bass is too fat (I like the bass of the 6550C much better). Does the KT-88 combine the best of both?
Khrys, The bass of Svetlana KT88 is way better than my former Svet- lana 6550C and more power too which produces clearer, bigger and cleaner bass. I cannot compare my Svetlana KT 88 with EL-34 because my Melos amp can only use either KT 88 or 6550 tubes. Also, my new Svetlana KT 88 is better than my former Tesla KT 88 and Sovtek KT 88 in bass, midrange and highs. Regards. Slore
To Trelja - To say a KT88 or 6550 is good or bad, either from the standpoint of sonics or durability, is too simple and just not true. There are good and better of each. And what is good changes. Take the Tesla whgich was supposed to be good, then wasn't, then fixed, then wasn't. You get the picture. The KT88 SHOULD spec out slightly better than a 6550, but that does not mean much. It's like a 8 cylinder engine should be larger in displacement and faster than a 6 cylinder. To simple an answer. Does not work.