Anyone heard SP Technology loudspeakers?...

SP Technology manufactures two speaker designs, the Timepiece 2.0 (monitor) and the Continuum A.D., which is a large three speaker "monitor". Enjoy the Music featured a glowing review of the Timepiece 2.0 (

SP Technology encorporates an interesting driver design called "Waveguide Technology". This is described by SP Technology in the following way:

Waveguides are similar to horns in that they change the air load that the driver "sees". The difference lies in the extremes. Our waveguides are characterized by the fact that they utilize relatively low compression ratios. At higher frequencies the air load is virtually the same as a standard "baffle" mounted driver. This eliminates the associated distortion that is common at high frequencies with traditional horns. The relatively shallow design does not provide the higher loading characteristics of traditional horns and hence, none of the distortion either. Acoustic loading is only increased at the lower frequency end of the drivers operating range. This provides added efficiency where it is needed most. The low frequency range of any dynamic driver is where its mechanical limits dominate and ultimately degrade its performance.

They use a first order Linkwitz-Riley cross-over design and also have a tweeter level control on the back of the speaker to adjust for various room conditions.

I don't work for them or represent their products - just wondering if anyone has heard these speakers and if so what were their impressions?
This might interest you

I believe there is a review by an owner of these speakers in the "Critics Circle".
Thank you, I read it this morning and I must admit the SP's have peaked my curiosity. However, besting VMPS RM-40's doesn't seem to be an extremely high benchmark to overcome. Not that they are poor speakers, because I've read nothing but glowing things about them - but, given this guys equipment investment, something seems out of balance. This guy' associated gear is serious - he's driving his Continuum's with 4 Jeff Rowland 201 monoblocks and has a dedicated room with all kinds of room tweaks. With all that equipment he could probably make a pair of Boston Acoustics rock the house.
Dawgbyte, did you ever have any luck with the SP timepiece's?
I would love your take if you have.


This is probably a bit late to have any effect on your speaker purchase but I'll comment anyway. A couple months ago I heard the SP Continuum 2.0 design and was absolutely floored by the sound. Imaging was spotless, instrumental attack was extremely powerful and accurate, on and off axis they rocked....I should add that the listening room was far from ideal and the speakers were being driven with a 60w Belles amp, nice but these speakers could probably shine even better with a bit more power. I did pick up on a tiny bit of brightness in the tweeter but I was listening to the 2.0 version which is now dated. The 2.1 version is supposed to be apples to oranges....but I cannot comment since I've yet to hear them.

I'm not very versed on horns or 'waveguides' or escoteric baffle designs but when I went into the listening session I really expected to hear evidence of this type of baffle design, some sort of faint cupped-hand sound or something but there was nothing I could pick out. Maybe it was the horn/waveguide that made them sound so good or maybe it was some kind of vodoo that the SP Tech guys put on their speakers (wish they would put a little of it on mine). If you have not heard a pair of these you might want to check them out.

I believe the Timepiece is based on the work of Earl Geddes, a renown pro-audio engineer/scientist who used to work for JBL but is now a top level consultant. The dominate idea is to cross the low frequency driver over to the high frequency driver at the point of equal dispersion characteristics of the individual drivers. This is reported to produce a more seamless transistion. Actually, from what I understand, it is downright seamless.
Hi Dawgbyte,
If you have notyet made any purchase and are anywhere near Upstate NY, i will have the SP Tech. Timepiece in soon enough. They truly need to be auditioned to understand their true potential.