Anyone heard SONY DVD-S9000ES w/sacd

Sony has a new flagship progressive scan dvd player with sacd. They can be had for under $1500. Anyone heard one?
I haven't heard one, but I've been looking for where /if they're available - where did you find one for sale?
I have one on order from United Audio in Chicago (it's ready to pick up). I've seen a variant, DVPS9000ES/N on Sony's website. It's a 9000ES with an A/V preamp built in. I saw it only once. It's been removed for some reason (it may only be for sale in Japan, etc.). I'm sort of hesitant to buy the DVD only unit now (the ES/N sells for $2000).
Kkirkpa, have you had a chance to listen yet? I just bought a 7700 and I am at the latest point that I can trade up. I was wanting to replace Cal. audio Ikon MKII with 77700 but it just does not cut it for cds. Maybe this one will???