Anyone heard Sonist Speakers ?

I am interested in some feedback on these speakers. I have a new pair of Sonist Concerto 2 speakers. I was wondering what other owners are using for amps and speaker cables. By the way these speakers are great.
Hi Mike, I have a pair of the Concerto 2's that I'm bi-amping with Decware amps, about 5 watts per channel. For speaker cable I'm using Stage III Concepts solid silver. The Sonist's replaced a pair of Reference 3A MM De Capo's that I had for about 10 yrs. I bought the Concerto 2's about a year ago and couldn't be happier! What are you using?
I am currently using a pair of VTL TT 25 mono blocks and Staightwire Maestro cables. What will I hear if I go SET ?
Hi Mike, If you go to the Sonist website and click on reviews,then scroll down to the Toneaudio review, there is a link to download the article, and it explains what you will hear with SET.
I was lucky enough to have the Sonist Recital 2 monitors on loan for a period of time. I drove them with both a 200 watt McIntosh integrated and a 5 watt SET amp. They excelled with both. I wrote about them here: