Anyone heard Shahinian Contra Bombarde Subwoofer

Just Curious. Being a Shahinian fan I was curious of listener impressions. It is a very rare item so not many listeners out there. One is for sale now on Ebay. I was under the impression that Shahinian stopped making them because they were so expensive to make. I guess the internal cabinetry is complex. I know Richard Shahinian commented it would be irritating to neighbors as it has such low response (flat to 17Hz).
I have been a very close friend of the Shahinian family since the late 70's and know of the Contra Bombarde sub very well. In my opinion this is perhaps one of the finest subs ever made. If you can snag one on ebay and you have the room for it, I would grab it. As with the majority of Richards products, they were very complex, overbuilt using Finland Birch plywood, and very expensive to hand build.

Just my .02 worth

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Well, I will log into this thread and say I've become the lucky owner of a Contra Bombarde for $675, serial #18. One has floated around Seattle for a couple years and now I have it--minus one caster...the two drivers jumper cabled with lesser gauge and alligator clips. I intend to resolder the 10 or 12 gauge originals back on. I believe this previous owner wanted to build a crossover for it.

I have it hooked up to a nice Harmon Kardon A/V reciever with a cutoff signal to the sub of 40hz and its own 115W amp. It really shakes my whole 2-story house with little effort. More important, however, I never knew true bass quality till now, I realize. --Jonathan Cameron ( 05 May 2005
I really want to buy one of these. I have an ad in the wanted section. Please contact me if you know of any. Thanks. Stan
I hope you have luck in finding one of these subs. You might call Dick Shahinian to see if he knows of any that could be available. I look forward to visiting again when you receive your Thor. Bob
I now own two of these! Mind boggling bass when combined with the Diapasons.