Anyone heard Salk Veracity HT3 speakers?

Hi all, Considering replacing my Unity Audio Sig 3's and just came upon Salk's site and threads on Audiocircle. The cabinetry work and choice of finishes is amazing, but I've only seen a couple of reviews by owners, and none of the major magazines seems to have reviewed them (since they're a small independent company, I can see why). Any feedback on them would be greatly appreciated. Rest of my system: Belles 350A amp, modified CJ PV-5 pre-amp, Wadia 830 cd player,Analysis Plus Oval 9 speaker cables, Harmonic Technology ProSilway 3 interconnects, VPI HW-19 turntable with Clearaudio Virtuoso Wood cartridge. Thanks for any advice you can give! MrMitch
I can't add anything, in fact I did not know about these until you posted this thread.

I must say, if the frequency response specifications on their web site is accurate that is an impressive pair of speakers. As always, the proof is in auditioning a pair in a familiar environment.
Yes, I've heard HT3s a half dozen times in the homes of several knowledgeable audiophiles who own them.

They're exceptionally good speakers, and I highly recommend them. Bass is deep and tuneful, imgaging is awesome and highs sparkle. Also, the wood finishes are the most beautiful I've seen on speakers EVER!
I don't remember which specific models I heard, but he had a room at RMAF last month and I was VERY impressed with the sound (and look) of his speakers.

I have a pair of Salk HT3 that I have had for a year now and I think they are fantastic sounding speakers. Here is a web site for reviews.
There is a Salk Sound owners forum over at There are lots of Salk owners on the various audiocircle forums.


Thanks everyone for your responses thus far! Albert, I happened upon the Salk site quite by accident, and yes, that freq response info did catch my eye. I've read the reviews on Audioreview, which Koiman was kind enough to point me to (thanks Koiman!)and those on Audiocircle where Ruebent said I should look (thanks Reub!). Most who've heard them love them, one or two thought they might be a tad "in your face" due to the ribbon tweeter, but Salk provides a treble cutoff switch as an option, and you never know about what kind of front end or room treatment (or lack thereof) the few who felt them to be too bright have. I dont believe with the components that comprise my system that I would have any problem, and those speaker finishes showcase Salk's incredible workmanship. Thanks also to Jburidan and Jdombrow! Oh, and Albert, i saw the photos of your finished room-nice!. Those Dali's must sound terrific in there.
Currently I am running the Modwright SWL 9.0 SE and a pair of Channel Island D-200 mono With my Salk HT3 and there is no problem with them being bright. I would think with this combination if it was going to be bright this would be it, But it is a beautiful match with perfectly nautral sound.
Thanks Mrmitch, I appreciate your kind words about my room.

It appears from JD's post that at least one model from Salk was shown at RMAF. I attended that show and photographed many rooms but I don't recall seeing that speaker. Perhaps it's a case of viewing too many pieces of audio gear in too short a time.
Does anyone know how the Salk HT3 would compare to a Hales Revelation 3 in overall sound and bass performance? Thanks.