Anyone heard Revel Studio's?

This past weekend I went and listened to the Revel Studio's. They were partnered with top of the line Mark Levinson electronics (336 amp / 32 preamp / 360s DAC). They sounded soooo smooth yet were loaded with detail, I really heard things in recordings that I thought I was familiar with and the imaging was breathtaking. Has anyone had the same experience as I've had? I'm also curious if anyone has heard these speakers with electronics other than Mark Levinson and what your opinion is. Finally, have you compared them to the Vandersteen 5's and any other speakers in the same price range. Thanks for your replies.
I listened to B+W Nautilus 801 and 802, Audio Physic Libra, Dunlavy SC IV/A, Thiel CS6, Aerial Model 8 and 10T, Avalon Arcus, ProAc Response 4, JMLab Mezzo Utopias, and Wilson Watt/Puppies before finally purchasing the Studios. The Studios were one of the most life-like speakers I have ever heard and are reasonable in size and appearance. While they were not cheap, I do not think its performance can be match at anywhere near its price. I have listened to these speakers with Levinson electronics, Conrad-Johnson electronics, and Audio Research electronics. They have all sounded great, but I prefer my set up of Levinson electronics but with an Audio Research Ref 1 preamp. If you are looking to save a couple of bucks, listen to the Audio Physic Virgo and Libra. While not as good as the Studios in my opinion, still excellent sounding. Hope I have been helpful.
Best speaker I've heared in that price range (up to at least 3x their price). Liked them a lot with Wadia, still undecisive about amp. Heared Levinson and Conrad-Johnson, will listen to Pass soon. Has anyone heared this with Spectral or Spectron or anything else worth checking out?
I heard the studios in an HT set up with the Proceed DMDT and HPA 3 and 2 with the embrace surrounds and revel's sub. I listened to stereo and HT. The studio's were wonderful, but not with the sub. It was very muddy and slow. Hope this helps. Regards.
I auditioned the Studios with Spectral and Wadia equipment and it was good enough that I bought the Studios. I had compared the Studios to N802, Mezzo Utopia, dynaudio 3.3, Martin Logan Prodigy reQuest, Prodigy and Wilson. I would have prefereed the Salon but they are too bin for my room.