Anyone heard Piega 40.2 or 60.2?

How does these speakers sound? Do they work well on bad recordings and hard rock music?
I have owned several Piega speaker models, and they are very articulate with extended and detailed high frequency response. Definitely NOT what you are looking for, since you have stated that you prefer a softer high end to be more forgiving and to sound better with poor recordings. Piegas sound excellent with well recorded sources, but for what is apparently important to you I'd suggest that you look elsewhere.
Hmm... Many users of Piega has tod me that the treble is very detailed but NOT harsh at all. Should be soft. But I dont know if it is not harsh on even bad recordings. One user here in Norway says that Piega Coax 70.2 sounds good even on old Helloween cd's... That must be a good sign?