Anyone heard Pass X2.5 preamp?

How does this relatively cost effective line stage, the Pass Labs X2.5, stack up against other top preamps? How much does it give up to its big brother, the X1? Could anyone who has heard these in top flight systems characterize their strengths and weaknesses for me?

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10-20 % difference in the X2.5 compared to the X-1. There already was a thread on this a few weeks back. It also depends on the rest of your system. The Pass is very natural and neutral sounding so you will not get a tube mid range sound. They are very coherent top to bottom not too forward not to laid back. Never bright or harsh. A tube preamp may give you more texture in the mids but will not do the bass as the Pass will and some are not as extended in the highs.

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I agree with bigkidz on everything except I'm not buying the 10-20% difference. Why? Because I own an X 2.5! :)

Several reviewers have claimed the $6k X-1 is about 95-99% of the $10k X0.2. Therefore, I'd be hard pressed to believe the $4.5k X 2.5 is only 80% of the $6k X-1.

The X 2.5 is a pretty dead quiet preamp with dynamic punch, etc. It's highs are quite nice, but just shy of the sweet highs found in the Placette Active Linestage which are the best I've heard.

I am using a Foundation Research LC-1 passive in-line power conditioner for the X 2.5. Perhaps that helps the single chassis design.

The only real negative with the Pass Lab pre's is the user interface and volume increments.

Hey, Peter, have you checked out Marty DeWulf's (of Bound for Sound) recent review on the LC-1's and LC-2's?


Yes I did receive the BFS with Marty's reviews. Fuuny but he does not like the LC-2 onthe Pass Labs X-250 which I own? I guess I will have to try another cord to see if I hear a difference. The 10-20% is very system dependent and probably not that big on most systems, I have aslo heard the more expensive Pass preamp and I think I prefer the X-1 overall.

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