Anyone heard or own the Osborne Titan Speakers?

I would be interested in any feedback regarding the Osborne Titan Speakers from Australia.Info on thier sonic signature and if they mate well with tubes.
Thanks in advance for your help.
I own a pair of the Osborn Epitome speakers w/extra woofers and think they are excellent speakers. The drivers are from Focal, the same ones used in the JMlab Utopia line of speakers. In fact, if you have auditioned a pair of micro utopia speakers, then you would have a good indication of the sonic signature of the Titans. Have you tried the Osborn website for reviews? Bound for Sound has a review on the Titan floorstanders (from '99). The site is:


I believe I heard this model in a dealership in Southern California. They retailed for $5000. Let me preface my remarks by stating that at the time of the audition I was looking for a non-traditional box. The dealer ask me to give the Osborne's a listen. They looked well made and were attractive, but the sound was somewhat bright, and reminded me of some earlier versions of B&W speakers I have heard. Again, I did not listen for long because I was looking for a speaker that really held my attention.