Anyone heard or own the CTC Blowtorch?

I'm in the market for a top-notch preamp, and have been hearing all sorts of good things about the Blowtorch by John Curl, Bob Crump, and ???someone Thompson (I think). Does anyone have any first-hand knowledge of this thing, and is it really as good as the rumors?

Robert, there is a review of the Blowtorch in the new issue of Ultimate Audio. I have not heard the unit but I know Bob Crump and of course he tells me the unit is fantastic.
Bound for Sound had a review over a year ago. He said the Best. They are custom built and not many people have them. Price is10k+ Ouch!
At least, I think it should have arrived by now. Check out posts at AA. Brian Walsh, prez of Chicago Audio Society. Brian's a rational sorta a guy and not easily impressed.
yes, i've heard it in bob crump's system (unknown transport feeding Crump modified Entec # cruncher DAC, blowtorch & CTC BBQ amp, rockport mains (unknown, but i think @ $15k), entec subs all connected using TG Audio ICs & Speaker cables). bob's system has the widest, deepest soundstage i've ever heard, easily beating a $100k Audio Research / Wilson Watt 6 system (which was no slouch by any means). also, its exceedingly neutral, clear, highly refined & detailed.
i've heard a lot of systems, but the blowtorch in (bob crump's system) is unreal. if i were rich, i'd have bob's system. anyone want to sponsor me??? rhyno
Where to find info re Blowtorch? Thanx.
MES--if you're interested, email me and i can put you in touch w/ bob crump directly; i'm sure he'd be more than happy to speak w/ you about that gem of a preamp.