Anyone heard or own Silvaweld products?

Recently read some good things about these Korean products, all tube amps and pre's.
Try sending Brad Morrical an email via Positive Feedback on-line. He's one of the better reviewers contributing there and is quite familiar with Silvaweld products.

Would love to hear some comments about these products as well! I have been exchanging emails with Black Forest Audio over in Germany about the SWC450 bfa linestage, but that would be a big leap of faith to order it.
hi Rja,
please have a look at my main system (no frills).
I own the 1000rc line pre, the 550 phono pre and the otl tube reference 100 monos. to be honest, the best I've ever had.
what items are you interested in?
Wow, 13 months since I posted. I had seen mention of these products somewhere. The photos looked like high quality stuff so I was curious about the sonics. Is this equipment readily available? Thanks for the post.