Anyone heard one of these? Are they the best now?

I was gonna get the JVC Kaboom for barbecues, but now I came across these. They sound better on the Youtube, but as you know, it's hard to tell there.

Anyone heard these and have opinion about them?
Are they the best boombox type of gear I can get these days?

Thanks in advance...
I meant TDK boomboxes - it got left out, sorry.

2 min. into this video, you can hear them in action:

Hardly the stuff we are used to hear at the high end audiogon, but for what it is, it sounds pretty good to me on the video, but as you know, it's not good to buy without hearing them first.

I can't find any place in Seoul Korea that can demo these for me, so I am asking the audiophiles in the States and Europe, and in Japan perhaps, who has heard them in person to weigh in.

Should I get the model 3 ? I used to have the JVC Kaboom with satisfaction, but no more. I was gonna get another one, but the newer one is said to be not up to par with the old ones, and these TDKs seem to better it in transparency with bigger coaxial woofers...

So, what should I do? Get these or not, guys?