Anyone heard of the Dynaudio Crafft??

Has anybody had a chance to listen to the Dynaudio Craffts? How do they compare to the Confidence 3? I know they have the same esotar tweeter, but how does the bass compare. What about the Crafft vs. the contour 1.3se? Any info on them would be appreciated. thanks in advance
Yes, I have heard of them. As a matter of fact I own a pair of them. I had also owned a pair of the 1.3SEs. In my opinion the Craffts are superior in all aspects. They compare very favorably to the Confidence 3 but at a much cheaper cost. If I remember correctly, the Craffts have the same midrange/bass driver as the Confidence but different versions of the esotar tweeter. I did not hear a significant difference between the two in bass response. I set them up with a Rel subwoofer and have been extremely pleased with the sound. I would have done the same with the Confidence 3. Craffts are professional monitors, very revealing, and were kind of a special order through Dynaudio retail dealers. Good luck with your choice.
thanks rob for the info,

i use to own a pair of confidence 3's and liked them very much. The woofer in them was an 8" woofer and the crafft is a 6 1/2". Do you know what the differences are in the esotar tweeter? Also how is the bass on the craffts. thanks again
I'm not sure how to answer your question concerning the bass. Musical tastes being what they are, I have never listened to a monitor speaker that couldn't use help with the bass from a quality sub. The Craffts and Confidence 3 were no different in that regard IMHO. I will say that the Craffts had significantly more bass (tighter & deeper) than the 1.3SE (I upgraded to Craffts from 1.3SE which I owned for about a year). Compared to the Confidence I thought they were slightly more revealing and lifelike in the upper frequencies. I used to be able to answer your questions more accurately because I did extensive research on the three speakers but that was a year ago and the memory just isn't what it used to be. I do know that a Dynaudio dealer (he also preferred the Crafft) was able to get a lot of spec information for me and I used several A - B listening sessions before I made up my mind. I would suggest the same. The differences between the Confidence and Crafft were subtle and your ear may be different. Good luck with your choice.
does any of you try to open the loudspeakers? My dynaudio crafft have the drivers glued to the box.
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