Anyone heard of Tannoy Turnberry HE speakers?

I can't find much on the web. Any ideas, comments, or reviews?

I heard them recently. They played with Air Tight ATE 2001 ref preamp + Air Tight ATM3. The source was Metronome technology CD player. CARDAS cables.
They sounded great !
Largely better than the biggers Glenair.
A few days later I heard them again and asked to listen with ATM1 directly without pre : fantastic and even better for every peaple who were there at that time
I think they are superb speakers ant very very cost effective.
Timbral accuracy, image, dynamics and PRAT.
No I haven't, but I'd like to. There was talk recently on Pink Fish of the Glenairs, and most of the Tannoy folks were saying they are least like the classic Tannoys in sound, and not as widely accepted. They got a good review on 6moons...
any experience driving them with SET amps?
I only heard Tannoys once and I left completely underwhelmed. It was at a high end audio dealer in Atlanta and while I dont recall the exact model they were priced at around $8000 a pair. I will admit that the imaging was good but dynamics, deep bass, impact etc was completely missing to me. I was on an audio trip that day and had listened to a lot of other gear at various salons and that one was at the bottom of my list that day