Anyone heard of Swan Lee?

This is one fantastic CD. A friend from Denmark was visiting the other day, and he gave us a self-titled CD from the Danish band Swan Lee. Sounds a bit like the more upbeat songs of Holly Cole/Lucinda Williams, with a trace of Bjork in the sound of her voice. It will definitely have your toe-tapping. Great pop sound.

Almost forgot. She sings in English.
Sounds wonderful! Since I'm always on the hunt for new music, I ordered it. Looks like there's only the one cd. If it sounds as great as I expect it to, I'll look forward to more releases. Thanks for the tip.
Hope you like it, Ozfly.
Boa, it's a bit different, but it's really good. Thanks for the suggestion. (I think there's a bit of a Kate Bush influence as well as what you already mentioned)
I'm glad you like it, Ozfly. I knew that someone
else would hear the other influences that escaped me.
Kate Bush is definitely one of them.