Anyone heard of Silvercore SUT:s

Coils are made of purest 4N silver, mixture of copper & 20% silver or pure copper also available.
You can order custom made to your specific cartridge.

Due to coils low impedans the high resonance frequency and excellent linearity of this design render the use of load resistors unnecessary, according to manufacturer Christof Kraus. Sounds promising.
There´s a review from Art Dudley-Stereophile dated May-11
on cheapest model "Silvercore one to ten"
Any feedback would be most welcome.

Many Thanks!
At the recommendation of a friend who designs amps and preamps, I bought the Silvercore mc and then upgraded to the Silvercore pros. I guess that means I think they're good--I was primarily using them with an Ortfon 90th Anniversary SPU and Ortofon Synergy SPU, although I also used a Koetsu Rosewood Platinum. No hum problems at all, in fact deathly quiet, but very dynamic sounding. Previous transformers, not directly compared, were the top of the line Audio Note and the Auditorium 23, both of which were excellent (but I went through a short phase of using a solid state phono amp, and didn't need a transformer at that time)
Thanks Swordfis!
Was it MC Pro (~4000$) or Studio Pro (~2300$)
I´ve considering Studio Pro for AirTight PC-1, when my budget allows.
I'm using the MC Pro, but "naked"--first I used it as the stepup in an LCR Cole, and it has been sent to JC Morrison for use in a phono stage of his own design that I hope to receive soon. Prior to that I used the Silvercore MC in conjunction with my (then) Zanden 1200 phono stage.
I am also using the Sivercore Preamp 2 as my line stage, but they were kind enough to build it with 24 steps on the volume control.
Hi Swordfis!
Interesting "naked", can you order without case or what do you mean.
Thinking about getting the smallest "one to ten"
with copper coil and when budget allows getting one of pros.
Any experience with "one to ten"?

Many Thanks!
I don't know if you could still get them without the case or not--he has an American distributor, oswaldmills, I think, who might be able to help
I have no experience with the 1:10
First I will listen on Silvercore "one to ten" custom made for AirTight PC-1 cartridge (one to five) to fit for ARC PH8 phonostage with 58 dB, I just ordered.
Afterwards I´ll se if I upgrade.

Thanks again for your important information.
OMA is the distributor of Silvercore in North America, and we would be happy to answer any questions you have about the step up transformer line, or demo the entire line at our NYC showroom. We even have the custom 1:5 unit mentioned in this thread available.

Jonathan Weiss
Hi Jonatan!
Appreciate your service, wish I had that level in Sweden where I live.

Many Thanks!
Hi Swordfis,
Could you give some impressions of the LCR Cole phono stage (possibly with reference to other units that you know or have used)? I am interested in the Vinyl Song LCR from DIYhifisupply. Thanks.
I only used the Cole with the Silvercore SUTs, so my experience may not be representative. I went from a Messenger to a Zanden (or maybe vice versa) and then an FM Acoustics 122 to the Cole and do not feel that I enjoyed music any less with the Cole than the others. The only problem I encountered was that the Cole was more prone to picking up hum than the others with low output MCs. I think that the Cole (and Vinyl Song) are great value for the money.
I got Silvercore with 1:5 gain för AirTight PC1 yesterday.
The sound nice and detailed straight out of box.
Christof recommend minimum 40 hours before sounding
dynamic and organic. Find it dynamic already but a little
dry. Looking forward to present my opinion "when burnt in"

I´ve now listened to Silvercore One-Five for over 100 hours.
Frankly it´s not what I hoped for, should have listened to Christof the manufacturer in stead of my greed.
Due to inherent quality of phono/cartridge he recommended the more expensive MC Pro.