Anyone heard of RSL monitor speakers?

I recently spotted a pair of these 4 ohm floor-standing speakers. They look a lot like Vandersteens, though the body is solid. (Same wraparound black cloth with wood top/bottom.) They appear to have a ribbon tweeter and 2 drivers. Is anyone familiar with this manufacturer? They are made in California, the model is #4200b. Any information is greatly appreciated.
RSL was a house brand made for Roger Sound Labs - a California retailer that folded in the 80's. Never saw any independent tests published.
Jonarts is right on; Roger Sound Labs was a studio monitor speaker manufacturer based in the San Fernando Valley that started as a manufacturer and later became a manufacturer/retailer, principally of its own speakers. They were apparently based heavily on the old JBL studio monitor series in appearance and sound design, and were a pretty good buy. I'm not sure what transpired, although I suspect that they got too far afield from their expertise as manufacturers, but they went bankrupt probably 7 or 8 years ago. I'm guessing that what you saw must be a pretty old speaker. With all the good, affordable brands available, you may want to look at PSB (e.g. their "Alpha") instead of buying something old. Good luck.
no, they arent worth the money even if theyre in new cond. if athy are nearly free, yes. thaana is right about the psb alphas. the rasl was a laughing stock with real audiophiles around here. only the speedscrens were ever given any press and that was kind of lukewarm. im sure you wouldnt buy a "hoousebrand" spk and thats exactly what this was, a mediocre at best box of drivers thrown together as a vehicle for selling inexpensive electronics. only later in the game when rsl started to sell dahlquist, and better elactronics did they become a store to consider.