Anyone heard of Powervar conditioners?

There is a gentleman on this site advertising several $1200 Powervar 12 amp 43 pound power conditioners for $239. Anyone have experience with this unit? There website shows many models geared to condition computer and other media but stereo systems is not mentioned.Thanks, Steve
I bought one from him and like it very much. He is very trustworthy and the unit was practically new.

I have never been tempted to try anything fancier or more expensive since this unit performs all it promised to do. Totally silent operation and no overheating, by the way.

I do have dedicated outlets with isolated grounds to the stereo room and feel, like others on this site, that it is the first step in addressing your (clean?) power requirements.

With best regards.
I have used one on my computers for over ten years. I tried it on my low power Preamp, CD player and CATV box. The results were extremely clean, but there was noticable audio and video dynamic range compression. It did benefit by upgrading its stock power cord. However, I now use a Tara Labs AD/10B for my audio and video system, but the Powervar is still powering my computer.
Blueswan, how did you test for the audio compression? Or was it just by A-B listening comparisons?

I've tried a bit of listening comparisons (with and without Powervar,) although I only have my transport, DAC, Pre, and phono-pre on it, and didn't notice significant changes in the sound. My amps and subwoofers plug into the wall.

Your input would be appreciated, thanks.
The compression I noticed was a more 2-dimensional soundstage. The front to back depth was noticably more forward, although very very clean and quiet. I have a much older model Powervar, late 1980s vintage, maybe the newer ones do not have this issue.
Blueswan, thanks for the tip. I'll do some critical listening this weekend. You are not the only one that has had this criticism.
Much appreciated.