Anyone heard of Monoprice Cables?

I have been over at AVSFORUM where folks don't seem to care as much about cables as we do. They love cables, especially HDMI and DVI by a company called monoprice. Various web searches have turned up nothing but glowing reviews for cables that are priced for under $3.00/foot. Anyone over here know anything about them?
they're a great source for quality dvi and hdmi cables. i've purchased three from them and the speed of service and product are excellent. i highly recommend them based upon my experience.
I purchased some optical cables from them and they were fine. I'd buy from them again.
Many people and so-call videophile/audiophile just don't care about quality. As long as they get signal, they will say the cable is working great.

They all say cable is just cable and it is a waste of money to get the more expansive one. I really don't believe that so I purchased the $7 hdmi cable from monoprice. Bring it to a local store and compare it to their Monster 400 series hdmi cable. The Monster 400 win out a bit but it cost a lot more than $7.

The store does not have the higher grade Monster or other brand names like Audioquest, Nordost, Harmonic Tech. etc. I am sure those more expansive video cables (better shielding, silver plated conductors, better material) will beat out the monoprice cable no problem. It is just whether you want to admit it and pay for it.

I really believe in cables make a different, especially the audio inconnects. To me, I think it is a bit harder to detect the different in video than in audio. So there is a lot of talk on the audio cable only.

In my case, the US$7 HDMI cable from Monoprice outperform the component cables (US$100) from Zu.
I got into Ebays reviews and there were pages of positive comments on monoprice and only two negatives, each having to to with incorrect shipping dates. I think I will go with their DVI cables but on audio I will probably go with something higher-end. Still, the preponderance of good reviews is amazing.