Anyone heard of Mobius Speakers

Anyone heard of Mobius Speakers by Artistic Audio? They have been in several CES shows but I have not seen any threads on them. Thanks.
That's because the threads have no beginning (or end)!

I have heard of them, but not heard them. A dealer I know tried them out and wasn't too impressed....

My hunch is they are a good start, but need some refinement. There'd be a lot more buzz about them if they were really goos.

Nice LOOKING, though :-)
My son in Kansas City is friends with the developer of Modius. He has a pair of the tower speakers and they sound very good. The young man who developed the speakers worked with my son an KC so he(my son) was able to get a pair of the speakers at a good price before they actually went on the market. e-mail me if you want to talk to my son about the speakers. Gene Thomas